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Fairplay House - Class 5 and Class 6 Update!

A BIG hello from Fairplay House,  to all the parents and carers of Class 5 and Class 6!
The children are having a fabulous time and have settled in really well. They have been on a night walk, canoeing,a visit to Malden seaside and down in the caves..all on our first day! They are all being very well behaved and are even helping with the washing up after their meals...Although making up their beds was a bit of challenge to say the least. We have just finished our hot chocolate and its soon time for bed, but not before you read some updates from our aspiring journalists who have taken the time to update you on the days events.

Please read their updates about the activities for today.

DAY 5 - click to view

It's our final day here at Fairplay House ! What a spectacular end to the week seeing horses at the beach! Take a look at our beautiful beach art! We packed all packed up and ready  to leave but not before saying a Big Thank You to everyone at Fairplay House and not forgetting our teachers for all their hard work! We will always carry these memories about our time at FairPlay House forever!
Class 7 & Class 8




DAY 4 - click to view

We set off this morning to a village called Woodham Walter just outside Essex. On arrival and after exploring the village we made our way to Woodham Walter CE (V/C) Primary School and met by their wonderful Headteacher Mrs Sue Dodd who was happy to welcome us to learn about what school life is like in a village school. There are only 105 children in this school ..what a big difference to our very large and busy school. We had a chance to go around the school and talk to children about growing up in a village. We also had the opportunity to tell them about what life is like in East Ham.

We have asked the Headteacher if we could keep in touch with our new friends from Year 5 and Year 6.  A big thank you from Lathom School to Woodham Walter Primary School for hosting us today! We will always remember this experience!

We are just about to tuck into our lunch, but before we do, we thought we will send some photos of our morning activities. We had a good nights rest and feel energised for the rest of the afternoon programme.

We have a Pyjama Party and Talent Show planned for tonight! We don't want to leave Fairplay House....why can't we stay here forever?



DAY 3 - click to view

Class 7 and 8 have arrived !

The children have arrived safely and are excited about been here at Fair Play House. We just busy sorting out our rooms now and getting ready to tuck into a scrumptious lunch.

The big job ahead now is trying to make up our beds ! The children have just heard about the activities lined up for the week ahead...


Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream...if you see Mr. Lowe you will hear him scream!

What an amazing canoeing adventure we had today, we never imagined all the different team building activities we were able to do on water! 

After a lovely meal tonight we set off for a Night walk in the deep deep dark fields surrounding Fairplay House.  Thank goodness the instructors gave us a map to use just in case we needed it...
We could not take our torches , the adults were given 2 headlights that would help us on the track.

After the night walk, the teachers thought it would be a good idea to do some Poetry...Here is our Poem.

Hope you enjoyed our update for today! We off to bed now ...Keep looking out for more pics and updates from our time here in Essex! 

DAY 2 - click to view

Good Morning from Essex... Its Day 2 and the children have settled in well to the daily jobs at Fairplay House including, cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes,clearing and setting the tables before and after meals and also making their own packed lunch! There were some very interesting sandwich combinations today!
Look at the boys hard at work in the kitchen making us all very proud!
The staff from Fairplay House and all the teachers are so proud of the exemplary behaviour the children have shown. We received lots of lovely compliments from the residents in the local village where we spent most of today exploring and learning about the local area.

Village Study - Proud to be British!

We visited two local villages today and spent most of the day exploring the village. We used our Geography mapping skills to plot key landmarks in the area like the church, the school and the village hall.

We could not believe that there are only 100 children in the school and the doctor only opens the surgery once a week. Our instructor James, could not believe how much we knew about villages, that's because we just completed our topic ' Where in the World is the UK? '
We spent a lot of the day comparing the village to our busy area in East Ham. We certainly don't have lovely apple trees in the middle of the streets...We could have stayed there all day picking apples and munching on them.

The highlight of our day was when Lando told us the story of the fallen soldier and the importance of Remembrance Day! We are really lucky to be British and live in country where our freedom and democracy is protected by brave soldiers. Our talk about heroes and courage reminded us about the book we have just read for Black History Month  in school about a brave girl called Malala.  We bought some flowers and placed it at the war memorial in the center of the village...

Now, Mr Munisteri and Bethan want us to do some writing!!! The challenge is for us to imagine that  we are estate agents and we  need to persuade our parents to move to the village. I'm sure our writing will be displayed in school.
Nazanin- Class 6

Here we are laying flowers at the Memorial for soldiers in the village of Terling. We are proud to be British !


DAY 1 - click to view


Today has got to be the most exciting, adventurous and amazing day ever! We arrived at Fairplay House and set off for our first activity. Little did we know we were going off to the  canal for canoeing!
Getting the canoes ready and learning how to use the ores was important... We divided ourselves into two teams and had to use our communication skills to make the canoe go in different directions.
Our arms really hurt as we had to work hard at winning the different challenges including making the canoe turn 360 degrees.
The greatest and funniest challenge was putting our toes in the was freeeeezing cold! I cant wait for tomorrow ...
Maria - Class 5


Who would have ever imagined that caves can be so much fun? Deep underground, we explored crawling in different spaces and even attempted following a trail with all our head flash lights off. Thank you to Katie our instructor for making us believe we can do anything we set our mind to.
Caving was a challenge and that included learning about how caves are formed and also about different caves we can explore across the United Kingdom.  


I am so glad we had the chance to visit the seaside today. Despite the foggy weather, we were able to get to the beach safely and admire the sun break through as the tide comes in. The instructors made us all laugh with his creative mermaid he made using a stick and a few stones and shells. Time flew by as we worked hard creating our art from the shoreline , thinking about ecosystems and also sea pollution. Before we knew it , the sky became dark and it was time to go back and get ready for our night walk.​
Hridima- Class 5