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Year 6 Gifted Writers Residential Week in Arvon!

We have arrived safely at Lumb Bank in Heptonstall, West Yorkshire. Our journey was long but worth it and even though we've only been here for a few hours we've already taken part in our first writing workshop with our amazing tutors Anjum and John.

We can't wait to explore the grounds and the house some more tomorrow!

Please read tour updates about the activities for today.

DAY 4 - click to view

What a day! It was exhilarating, stupendous, awe-inspiring, even to the point that we felt as if we were in the great place of seventh heaven. Yesterday evening, the amazing author named Phil Earle, who creates magnificent books, came to see us. He made us really reflect about things we can change. He taught us to make our reader twist and turn, tumble and swirl. These living rollercoaster stories can be found everywhere from basic ideas, like he demonstrated with Vithunan and Moiz throughout the lesson. A basic idea can transform into a mastermind book like ‘Demolition Dad!’ Due to his extraordinary presentation, ideas constantly bounced off lots of my fellow school mates which intrigued us very much. Writers were made that night…

Waking up to the excitement of Ms Ridley and her crew of Lathom Junior Chefs making us an appetising breakfast which contained healthy and nutritious ingredients. So parents, don’t worry.

We’ve used the rest of the morning to prepare our book of poetry. It’s called ‘Good Poems By Badly-Drawn Children’ and it’s amazing. John and Anjum helped us with the cover and the title. We’re very proud of it.

Fatiguing is the way to describe the walk we took this afternoon, through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It was truly very tiring though, and we created a poem for it.

Wonders have been created
Astonished that I am still alive
Life-risking adventures
Killer is how it was until we used teamwork!

Although we were tired, we adored the sights. We were on the other side of the valley, looking back towards Arvon. We were flabbergasted.

Did you know we’re going to have a show called Lathom’s free night tonight? We have been preparing our acts determinedly over the last few days to improve our individual and group acts.

We truly can’t believe that we are here for only one more night.


DAY 3 - click to view

Arvon Day 3

Hi! We are having a blast! We visited the old ruins of a church in the village of Heptonstall and the many different graves in the churchyard. We went for a hunt to find the grave of Sylvia Plath Hughes. She was the wife of Ted Hughes and lived in Lumb Bank. We searched for ages but ended up asking the church manager and she told us how to get there. Aliyah found Sylvia Plath Hughes’s grave. We all spotted that pens had been placed on it instead of flowers. This told us that, although Sylvia Plath may not be alive, we still want her to make fabulous poems and keep up her sensational work. After we finished the hunt, we visited a small post office and bought snacks and sweets. The post office was so small, it could only fit 3 of us in at a time. Can you believe it? 

We used our visit to the ruins to write a spooky poem, written using the Ghazal form, which comes from Pakistani poetry. It means we had to write couplets. We each wrote our own poem, made up of about ten couplets, and then we read them out to each other. Our performances are getting so much better and we’re really acting some of our poems out! Then, we picked our favourite couplets and put them together to make our own group poetry.

We know you’re dying to read our Ghazal Ghost Story…and you’ll definitely get a chance! John and Anjum have asked us to pick our favourite pieces of writing from over the week and they’re going to go into a book. Each of us will get a copy of it and bring it home with us, so everybody will get to read them. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure there’s plenty of copies in the library for everybody to look at!

The day isn’t over yet, though. Team Hughes (Alisha, Moiz, Nabeeha and Ayush) is busy cooking tonight’s dinner with Mr Lowe. We’re having pizza and we can’t wait. We’ll also be meeting with our special guest author, Phil Earle. We’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy our photographs. Yorkshire is beautiful: don’t you wish you were here?



DAY 2 - click to view

Hello From Arvon!

What a great day we’ve had!

We started the day with breakfast then went straight into our first workshop, writing poetry with John Hegley and Anjum Malik. We use the poem ‘Black’, by Ted Hughes, as our inspiration. We each thought of our own colours and used the structure of Hughes’s poem to create our own work. Then we put it together to create a group poem. Here it is:

Red, red, what a colour.
Red is, when you enhance flair.
Red is my furious temper.
Grey is the dull mist,
Black the silhouette passing by.
Gold is a winner’s medal,
Gold the gleaming ember in the blazing fire.
Yellow, the morning’s smile.
Blue is my cold-hearted blood,
Blue is true legend,
Blue, the peaceful world,
Blue, the way the world woks.
Green, the growth, and Lincoln, both
Green, the source of my soul.
Red was the sound following rolling,
Red, the rain letting out pain,
Red, the trees in the autumn breeze.

Then we worked together to make this a performance poem.

After that, we had a chance to go for a walk and explore the beautiful countryside around Lumb Bank. Anjum and John asked us to listen, and look and make note of the textures we saw and felt. It was damp and it was muddy and it was steep and it was glorious!

When we got back to the barn, we used what we had seen as the basis for another poem. We wrote our own poems, this time: acrostic poems called Wellie Walking. When we come back to school, we’ll be making a book so that everybody can read our poems!

After lunch we split into groups. John’s group read poetry by Hilaire Belloc and Gerard Manley Hopkins then did our own writing based on what we’d read. Anjum’s group talked about the things we had in common and the languages we spoke at school and at home, then used our different languages to create a performance poetry that celebrated them.

Dinner was delicious, carefully prepared by Team Magorian. Thank you Nabil, Edd, Jenotha and Hannah!

After that, the day still wasn’t over! We had another workshop with Anjum and John.

We’ve written so much today, with more to come! Look for our updates on Wednesday.



DAY 1 - click to view