Altmore School Councillors Meet Lathom School Councillors

School councillors make a positive contribution in the way in which the school functions.  They represent the views of all students and make decisions on their behalf. 

As part of the transition process for Year 2 students from Altmore Infant School, Year 2 school councillors met with school councillors from Lathom to discuss school life at primary level.  Year 2 students asked questions such as ‘Are the teachers strict?’, ‘What time does school start?’

Overall, this meeting was a success as Year 2 representatives can give feedback to other Year 2 classmates regarding expectations for primary school.

We look forward to having Year 2 students on site on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th July for transition days as our ‘new’ Year 3 students for September 2024. 

We wish you an incredible year of learning in Year 3!