London Maths Week 2024

This year, London Maths Week was centred around the theme ‘There’s Math in my Art!’ Children from years 3, 4 and 5 participated in engaging activities where they learnt about a range of artists and their artwork.

At the end of these sessions, they were able to reflect on their learning and make connections between Maths and Art using appropriate Maths and Art vocabulary. It was a great opportunity for children to recall and use skills learnt in Maths and Art this year and appreciate their connection.

Year 6 students developed their knowledge of financial literacy as they completed sessions using Natwest’s MoneySense unit.

We would like to congratulate our Maths lead, Mrs Lodhia and Art lead,Miss Lockhart for merging creative ideas and planning an excellent London Maths Week for our children this year.

Our school governors were on site to witness our children’s learning for London Maths Week ‘in action’.

Children’s outcomes and reflections were very impressive! Truly, they are mathematicians and artists at heart!