Y5 visit to Masjid-E-Tauheed mosque

Year 5 students finally had the opportunity to visit the local mosque, Masjid-E-Tauheed on Monday 24th June 2024. This placed their RE unit on Islam in perspective as they were given first-hand teaching about the fundamentals of Islam and had their questions answered as part of the programme.

First, children were taken to the main hall, where they met Mr Zakir Munshir and his team. He explained the five pillars of Islam and engaged children using questioning throughout the session.

The main hall is a key feature of the masjid as it is widely used within the mosque to conduct the five daily prayers. Other activities include speeches, courses, marriages and Eid prayers.

The main hall features a niche called the Mehrab, which faces the direction of the Kaa’ba in the city of Mecca. The pulpit was found adjacent to the Mehrab where the Imam delivers sermons and lectures to the congregation.

Year 5 students witnessed a GCSE student reciting two units of prayer in the direction of the Mehrab. In preparation for the visit, students from each class sent their questions to Zakir, who answered them during the session.

It was important to note that some extra curricular activities were held at the mosque including youth club on Saturdays; karate sessions, sessions for children with autism on Sundays and post-school classes for children (9-10 years).

When leaving the mosque, children had the opportunity to view the area for worshippers to make ablutions (wudu) before prayers.
Overall, children were delighted by their learning experience.

Thank you Zakir and team for your time and preparing such a wonderful learning programme for our students. The children enjoyed the lovely treats!
Thank you to our parents and carers for your support during this visit.