Governing Board

What we do

Our Governing Board is a group of representatives from our local community who are interested in sharing their ideas, knowledge and expertise to help our school deliver the best possible education and care for all children.

Being a Governor, means that you act as a critical friend to the school, offering strategic leadership and support to the Headteacher and Leadership Team.

The Governing Board meets as a whole group once a term; in addition, there are two committees (one for Finance, one for Curriculum) which also meet regularly.

Governors meet to discuss children’s attainment and progress, to set targets for improvement, to offer advice regarding school policies, to oversee the school’s financial position and to ensure that the school is fulfilling its statutory responsibilities.

Governors support the Headteacher in making decisions as a collective group (not as an individual Governor). Governors are not involved in the day-to-day organisation of the school – this is the role of the Headteacher and school staff. Governors provide strategic direction and hold senior leaders to account when monitoring and evaluating the school’s performance and effectiveness.

Governors also attend other meetings and make visits to the school as and when required.

How to contact us

Please see the Governing Board membership document below – our contact details are listed there. The Chair of Governors is Mr Muhammed Mashud.

Governing Board Reports

Please have a look at all the wonderful work our Year Group Leaders have shared with our Governor Board.