Pupil Premium

The Government continues to allocate Pupil Premium funding to support schools in ‘closing the gap’ and improving the outcomes and performance of children who need it most, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Pupil Premium is primarily awarded to those children who are eligible for and registered to receive free school meals (FSMs), as well as those who are ‘Looked After’ (LAC).

Schools decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, as we are in the best position to assess what additional provision should be made for children whilst they are
learning in our school.

At Lathom School, we believe that there should be a balance between academic and emotional support to ensure all children are able to achieve their potential.

Please see the links below to see how we use this funding.

Sports Premium

Our aim is to raise standards in P.E. and school sport, and increase the participation and opportunities offered to all children.

At Lathom, we continue our partnership with our School Sports Academy. Coaches deliver curriculum sessions that offer all children opportunities to practise skills that they can bring to our competitive teams.

We have extended our After School Programme by providing additional coaches for our Sports and Dance Clubs. This has an impact on improving children’s physical lifestyles. The emphasis for these clubs is recreational, performance and competition. This provides a rich programme of learning in and through physical activity which helps children develop a range of skills and confidence in their abilities. As a result the participation has increased and has impacted on children’s enthusiasm to participate in P.E. and talk about sport in a more positive way.

We aim to provide higher quality lessons and improved learning for all.

We have purchased new equipment to motivate and engage the least active children during PE sessions and play/lunchtime sessions as well as after school clubs.

We aim to improve standards and to provide a creative and exciting way to enrich our curriculum contributing to children’s physical activity experiences.

Please find below our latest Sports Premium Impact Report.

Financial Benchmarking

All local authority maintained schools are required to publish annually on their websites the number of individuals (if any) earning over £100k a year. This information is required to be published in bands of £10k.

As of January 2022, no staff at the school earn more than £100k a year. Click on the link to view Lathom’s financial benchmarking, see how it compares with others.