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Hazel class participated in a birdwatching workshop in Plashet Park where they completed a range of activities including learning about different birds, using binoculars to locate different birds and building their own bird nests. Children really enjoyed being around nature and learning more about birds!

Agents for Change

On Monday 5th December 2022, a few of the school councillors were selected to be part of a school council conference called ‘Agents of Change.’ They participated in a range of activities including planning an event and expressing their views whilst working with other children in Newham to combat any issues and working towards social …

Girls on Track UK

On Wednesday 30th November a group of 10 students along with Science and Computing leads attended the Girls on Track UK programme at University College London (UCL). The goal of this programme is to inspire and encourage an interest in STEM subjects and industries amongst schoolgirls, with the aim of increasing female participation in these …