Year 4 Scientists

This term, students are studying the unit, Sound.  The first lesson was set up as a carousel of activities, where children explored everyday phenomena.  

A series of questions were used as prompts at each station:

Table 1: What happens when we change the size of the string when using string telephones?

Table 2: What happens when the fork touches the water? What happened when the fork touched the ping pong ball? What did you hear or see when you hit the fork?

Table 3: What happens to the paperclips when you hit the drum hard? Soft? How can you make different sounds with the boxes and elastic bands?

Table 4: What happens when you put the cone to your ear? What happens when you put the cone to your mouth and speak?

Table 5: What do you notice when you blow into the neck of the different bottles? How is the sound from the bottle with the most water different from the bottle with the least water? Why do you think the sound is different?

Observations were recorded in Science books.

What an amazing way to get students excited about the Science unit!