Year 6 Knife Crime workshop

The Year 6 knife crime session was an impactful and highly educational experience for the children. It effectively raised awareness about the dangers and consequences of knife-related violence, fostering a sense of responsibility and caution among the young participants.

Through interactive discussions and real-life scenarios, the session successfully engaged the children, making them more informed and vigilant about their personal safety and the importance of making positive choices. Overall, it was a well-structured and valuable addition to the curriculum, contributing significantly to the children’ understanding of this critical issue.

Feedback from children

Many children expressed that the session was eye-opening and made them realise the severe consequences of carrying and using knives. They appreciated the interactive format, which allowed them to ask questions and participate in discussions, making the session engaging and relatable.

Several children mentioned that the real-life stories shared during the session were particularly impactful, helping them understand the real-world implications of knife crime. Overall, children felt more informed and confident about how to stay safe and make better choices, with many expressing a desire for more such informative sessions in the future.

“The stories were really shocking, but they helped me understand why carrying a knife is so dangerous.” Tabib, Aspen

“I liked that we could ask questions and talk about what we were thinking. It made it easier to understand.” Rahat, Ash

“The session was interesting and made me think about how to stay safe and make good choices.”
Raul, Birch

“I learned a lot about the consequences of knife crime, and now I feel more aware and careful.”
Aya, Aspen

“I think it’s important to have more sessions like this so everyone can understand the risks and stay safe.”
Fareeha Aspen