London Maths Week 2023

On Monday 26th June to Friday 30th June, we celebrated Maths Week London at Lathom.  The rationale for this drive is to build students’ confidence, foster a love for Maths and help them to understand the application of this subject in our daily lives.

This year’s focus is to highlight the importance of engaging with Maths from a young age to develop practical skills and how it can enable success in all areas of everyday life.

Our Year 3 mathematicians are eager to share their amazing learning for this week.

First, they created a multiplication garden and learnt their times tables using song and actions.  Then, they used craft ideas to make a multiplication garden.  They cut out petals to form a flower that contained multiplication facts on each petal to represent each times tables. 

Below are some examples of children’s reflections to the multiplication garden activity.

Anayah – ‘’I created a flower which has 12 times-tables on the petals. I had 8 petals so I could only do up to 12 x 8”

Nairah – ‘’I created a flower with 7 petals. I made the 5 time-stables and it helps me to learn my times-tables and I am going to make more at home.”

In the activity, ‘2D shapes wanted’, children were actively engaged in exploring 2D shapes and then identified their properties.  They used vocabulary related to their previous learning to discuss the shapes that make up ‘The Iron Man’ such as angles, triangle, rotate, larger, lines of symmetry.