National Storytelling Week 2024

National Storytelling Week 2024 is recognised from 27th January to 4th February.This year’s theme is ‘Dream up a world’. This week is set aside to celebrate storytelling and encourage people to tell their own stories.

Storytelling is important for children’s development including expanding their imaginations. Stories can be read from books or retold orally.

This week, we encourage children at Lathom to tell their own stories. Their stories could be as simple as retelling the events of their weekend, stating what they had for dinner last night or imagining what life would be like if they were a pilot or captain of a ship.

Teachers can ignite a passion for books as they read or retell their favourite story or book during their childhood. Storytelling is a remarkable skill to develop as it gives children the opportunity to build their creativity and communication skills.

You can also celebrate Storytelling at home by clicking on the link.