SATs Week – Thank you

“Thank You” to everyone for your support of our Year 6 children in ensuring that they were so well prepared and ready for their SATs last week. They did us proud! All staff, but particularly Lisa, Kieshanda and the Year 6 team should be congratulated on their work with children; every child approached each day’s test with such confidence and a positive attitude, they demonstrated resilience and really did their best – it’s made me very proud to be Headteacher. On Friday they enjoyed a very well-deserved trip to the park, “Thank you” Yolanda for making every very happy with your delivery of ice creams.

“Thank you” to Nawell our Chef, and the whole catering team for cooking everyone a delicious hot breakfast every morning – this really set us all up for the rest of the day.

On Thursday, children enjoyed the Basic First Aid assembly, this was an excellent session explaining how they can help someone who needs first aid – please ask them what they learnt.

“Thank you” also to staff who have been meeting with colleagues in the secondary schools that our Year 6 children are transferring to in September. These transition meetings ensure that the receiving schools have everything in place enabling children’s start in September to be smooth.

Well done Year 4, your preparations for the Multiplication Tables Check are going well. The MTC assessments will be taking place from 06.06.22 (when we return after the half-term holiday).

This week we are looking forward to:

  • Walking to School – all children are being encouraged to travel sustainably to school every day, earning stickers as they go along, with a special reward at the end of the week! The #PowerUp challenge takes them through five, video game-inspired levels. In the process they’ll learn about the social, road safety, health, environmental benefits of walking, encouraging sustainable travel habits for life.
  • We are also looking forward to our Science investigations, participating in practical experiments throughout the week – “Thank you” Liesel (Mrs Pillai) for organising and resourcing this for us all.