Year 6 Bikeability

The Bikeability workshop for Year 6 CHILDREN successfully equipped students with essential cycling skills and road safety knowledge. Over the course of five days, the children learned practical skills such as starting, stopping, and steering, as well as more advanced techniques like negotiating junctions and understanding road signs.

The training included both off-road and on-road sessions, ensuring that students gained confidence in a controlled environment before applying their skills on real roads. Emphasis was placed on wearing helmets, conducting bike checks, and understanding the Highway Code for cyclists.

Feedback from students and trainers highlighted the effectiveness of the workshop in enhancing cycling proficiency and safety awareness. The students received personalised feedback and certification upon successful completion of the course, recognizing their ability to ride safely and responsibly.

This workshop not only promoted physical activity and independence but also fostered a greater understanding of road safety, contributing to the students’ overall personal development.