Year 6 Cultural Day

On Monday 4th March, Year 6 organised an immersion activity, which would support learning for children’s writing journey – aimed at producing high-quality fairy tales based on their own culture. Children came to school dressed in traditional clothing and brought traditional food from their culture.

The morning writing session involved vocabulary generation as children described their attire and also the food which would be put on exhibition for the cohort. In the afternoon, all classes occupied the Top Hall, where children joined in the great exhibition of cultural dishes and learnt about each other’s culture.

They also tried foods from different cultures and used post-it notes to describe their taste and attached their comments on flipchart paper on the display walls. To bring this event to a close, children selected popular music from their culture and enjoyed dancing with their friends.

They were able to build the desired experience of what a ball or party in their culture is like to aid description in their own fairy tales.