Planting Trees workshop

The school councillors have been planting hedgerows and completed a few activities regarding tree planting. We first looked at how to measure the height of an object. For this activity we had to bend down and see if we could see the object through our legs. Next we used a tape measure to measure the lengths from our feet to the object/wall.

After this we went on to another activity and took out weeds that were planted in the ground of the soil. Finally we went to the last section which was tree planting. In pairs, one person held the spade and spaced out the oil just enough for the other person to place the tree into the soil.

We ensured they were equally spaced and the roots were placed carefully and in the right position. We enjoyed this workshop very much!
Mariam, Beech class

Today, school councillors got the opportunity to go tree planting at our back playground. We were given gloves to protect us from diseases in the soil. First, we did a measuring exercise that helped measure the length of objects on walls. This allowed us to measure how high up objects were out of reach.

Next we did some weeding and learned the correct definition of weeds, which are just plants that are in the wrong place based on your preference. We used trowels and spades to dig out the roots. Finally we planted hedge rows which are a type of tree in pairs.

We made sure that they were evenly spaced and on a trajectory to a greener future.
Yunus, School councillor