Years 5 & 6 British Values Assembly

Our British Values Week came to an end on Friday 9th March when all Years 5 and 6 students and staff gathered for an assembly with our special guest, The Mayor of Newham, Rohksana Fiaz. Children from all classes each prepared a five-minute presentation showcasing what they learnt about British Values.

Children in Willow and Poplar classes linked British Values with their current Human Geography topic – Brazil where they applied learning about pull and push factors with a scenario involving migrating to the UK. Spindle class used a quiz to spark interest from the audience and to test their knowledge about RE topic, Islam and discussed tolerance of all faiths. Rowan students presented their unique designs for their tote bags and discussed Individual Liberty. Yew students highlighted the importance of the Rule of Law in every environment when determining the rights, respect, and duties of others.

An impression transition to Year 6 came from Ash class with a Sri Lankan song by Lashana. This was followed by other students from Ash class, who reflected on their Science learning and made the connection with British Values. Birch class delivered a Computing presentation expressing their identities through collage. With Mr Lee as Music lead, Alder class are all musicians at heart and sang a class song based on the theme – British Values. Beech class read a letter which they formulated about a new law they would like Parliament to pass and Aspen class read poems about diversities.

We are delighted with our Student Councillors, who participated in a Tree Planting workshop on the school’s grounds and explained the rationale behind the project.

The performance came to a close with a dance from Sri Lanka.

Our Mayor was really impressed with all the children’s efforts to come together as a school community and showcase their learning of British Values. Thank you Rokhsana Fiaz for taking the time to visit our school and be part of our British Values celebration!

Thank you Everyone, who worked hard during British Values Week and made this assembly a reality!

Click on the link to listen to the Mayor’s speech – Mar 2023